Ron And Donna Ballard meeting with Willis Mast

Mast Cabinetry works with builders and remodelers taking on one of the biggest challenges of any kitchen renovation, the cabinetry. We are working with Oneida Builders, a leading remodeling and custom home builder in Metro Atlanta. This project involves creating a new, updated kitchen at an affordable cost. The couple, Ron and Donna Ballard of Marietta, had an insurance claim and used it as an opportunity to create an entirely new look in the kitchen. This will be a three to four week project, and Mast Cabinetry will install white glaze solid wood cabinets with all soft close doors and drawers.

Like many other homes in Metro Atlanta, they had wood doors, but the boxes for the cabinets are made of MDF, medium density fiber. These boxes can’t be painted and stained effectively because the material will not hold the paint. After just a few years, the paint will chip and show scratches. For that reason, the Ballards went from planning to paint and stain to getting entirely new cabinets. In fact, our estimate at Mast Cabinetry came in less than the estimate for painting and staining the cabinets. Of course, the Ballards are thrilled.

“Willis Mast came out right away to measure and advise us about our cabinet choices. We are so excited to get our kitchen renovated and get all new cabinets at such an affordable price. Willis is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and consultative. I can’t say enough good things about him”, said Donna.

Onedia Builders will do all of the renovation work for the kitchen. Rocco Sinisgalli, the owner of Oneida, enjoys being able to offer these quick and afforable kitchens to clients like the Ballards. “Working with Mast Cabinetry makes it easy. They meet with the clients, send me all the details, and I know I can count on them for outstanding service to the client and to my company. It’s a quality product at an amazing price point. I’ve worked with Mast for over a decade, and they always deliver”, said Rocco.